Game Master's RULES( GM RULES )

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Game Master's RULES( GM RULES )

Post by Lawsuite on Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:17 pm

1.In-Game Supports are NOT allowed to take a side in any argument, they have to be Impartial and to help the players come to a solution.

2.In-Game Supports are NOT allowed to add free stuff of any kinds.

3.In-Game Supports are NOT allowed use their ranks and make everything unfair for the normal player. They are just like everyone else but have <GM> tag infront of the name.

4.In-Game Supports are NOT allowed to REFUSE helping you if your issues is technical or that you need information about something. If it's for free items/quests or gear they can refuse.

5. In-Game Supports are allowed to kick/mute/bad you if you are insulting them directly to their Support Character, if you are insulting them on their normal character they are NOT allowed to take any action againts you. They can ignore you. But if the insults are on the world chat they can mute you for harrasment or insulting on the World chat.

6. In-Game Supports are giving reports only to thier superiors not to players. You can question their actions ONLY if it is regarging you directly.

7. In-Game Supports are the people who help maintain peace and order inside of a server. Show them some respect , being disrespectful is punishable !

8. In-Game Supports need to help eachother in any kind of situation where help is needed , if a Supporter is left alone he could screw up if someone doesn't help him.


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